corso Giambone 46/18
10135 Torino (Italy)

Alitalia Express to Operate Regional Services

Due to Alitalia Team crews contract integration problems (they are a mix up of senior ex Avianova crews and parent company crews), Alitalia has formed a new subsidiary airline named Alitalia Express, an highly competitive carrier destined to operate the nine ATR 42s and four ATR 72s flown in the Avianova colours till 1 November 1996 and, at that date, transferred to Alitalia Team.
After the collapse of the talks with Alpi Eagle to hand over the five Avianova's Fokker 70s, the leased aircraft have been grounded within the end of March 1997 and are supposed to be on their way back to the maker, which, in turn, is bankrupcy. The F 70 crew members will be retrained for ATR aircraft.
Alitalia Express will be probably open to other shareolders and the fleet will be updated with a jet aircraft, likely the AIR 70. Awaiting the delivery of the new european aircraft, Avro RJs may be leased for a time.

In the picture: ATR 42 I-ATRD "Lago Trasimeno" in Avianova livery, late 1996.

(Aeromedia, March 1997)